Family Law Services


We understand that legal expenses can be costly, so our firm offers a variety of legal services to fit your family's needs. Contact us for more information on how our family law legal services can help your family.


Divorce touches many aspects of our lives for years to come. It is crucial to have a well drafted parenting plan and marital settlement agreement that works long term for your family. Our full service representation includes legal counsel for every aspect of your case from the initial filing to final judgment including negotiation, mediation and litigation.


Our caring and experienced legal team will provide legal guidance for a fixed hourly rate without the cost of a high retainer. At any point self-service individuals can transition into full legal representation if the process becomes contested or too burdensome.


Legal Advice & Guidance

This self-directed option is for individuals who want to completely represent themselves and draft all documents for their family law case on their own but would like access to legal advice throughout the process. Our Attorneys will be available to answer questions as the client navigates their way through the legal process.


Document Review & Attorney Time

This option is for individuals who want to represent themselves throughout the legal process but would like to meet with our attorneys for advice and wants them to draft the necessary documents. This option provides fixed fee packages that include document preparation, legal advice, notary services, and time with one of our family law attorneys.